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The Swedish Blue

    The blue ducks that are the foundation of the Blue Swedish duck were known to have existed in Pomerania in the early 1800’s. The Swedish duck came to light in around 1835 in Pomerania which in those years was part of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Blue ducks were said to be especially hardy with a superior meat quality. They were also less visible to predators as their colors made them harder to see.
    This made the Blue duck varieties really popular in Europe for centuries.

The first Swedish Blue ducks were imported to America in 1884. They were included in the Standards of Perfection by the American Poultry Association in 1884.
They have since been quite a popular farm duck and dual-purpose utility bird although they tend to mature rather slowly.

     Their fine quality of lean meat with its delectable flavor makes is a good meat bird. The duck lays around 150 large white or sometimes bluish-green tinted eggs per year.
    It also makes quite a good pet as it is calm, friendly and can fend for itself pretty well with its love of foraging.

     Swedish Blue ducks are one of the best breeds to have for a first-time duck owner as well as a good teaching duck for children. This is quite an old breed that has been around for a long time and is listed in the American Livestock Conservancy.

      Contact us about availability. We will have eggs, chicks, juveniles, and pullets.

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