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The Kahki Campbell

     Khaki Campbell ducks are one the most popular domesticated breeds kept in the United States. This attractive breed was created by crossing Runner, Fawn, and Rouen ducks.

     Some historical accounts also indicate they crossed khaki Campbell ducks with wild Mallard ducks, but others do not.

     They are a superb multi-purpose duck breed for both large and backyard homesteads. Khaki Campbell ducks are not only excellent egg layers but sitters as well.

     This duck breed is commonly referred to as a multi-purpose type of duck because you can successfully raise it for its delicious and moist meat.

Khaki Campbell ducks somewhat resemble their Mallard ancestors.

     Their bodies are lightly covered in khaki plumage, but their dark brown heads with a sometimes olive green cast quickly differentiate them from the wild breed.

The Khaki Campbell ducks also do not boast a white ring around the neck like Mallards.

     They come in four different shades: khaki, dark, white, and pied. The American Poultry Association recognizes only the khaki shade of ducks.

Members of this breed are lightweight to medium-weight ducks and weigh between four to close to five pounds once mature.

     Drakes have a green bill and legs and feet that are usually a shade of dark orange. The lower back, upper neck, head, and tail culverts are a brown to bronze shade, and the rest of the male Khaki Campbell’s plumage is a mild khaki in hue.

     Female Khaki Campbell’s have ahead in a lighter shade of brown, typically a more golden yellow shaded bill, and more uniformly brown feathers in the shade.

Whether male or female, Ducklings are dark brown to black with a small amount of white plumage in the breast area.

Contact us about availability. We will have eggs, chicks, juveniles, and pullets.

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