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Easter Eggers

     Whilst not strictly purebred, the Easter Egger has become a backyard favorite across America. With its cute looks and vibrant personality, what’s not to like?

They are known as Easter Eggers because they can lay a wide variety of egg colors, and their plumage can also be in various colors.

     Generally, in the US, an Easter Egger is a bird that is understood to carry the blue egg laying gene from its parent stock (the Araucana or Ameraucana).

Although primarily thought of as an egg layer, they make a reasonable dual-purpose breed.

     These lovable ‘mutts’ were created when people started crossing Araucana or Ameraucanas with other breeds. The results of these crossings led to multi-colored eggs and an adorable-looking bird!

     As we know, the Araucana and Ameraucana both possess the gene for laying blue eggs. So when a breed that lays brown eggs is crossed with an Araucana or Ameraucana, the result is a green/olive-colored egg.

     Easter Eggers have been around for quite a while now and have lost none of their popularity; in fact, they are becoming even more popular for backyard chicken folks because of their colored eggs and their low-maintenance lifestyle.

Contact us about availability. We will have eggs, chicks, juveniles, and pullets.

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