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The Cochin Chicken

     Although the exact origin of the Cochin chicken breed is a matter of debate, it is believed that the Cochin originated in the Shanghai Provence in China in 1840. The Cochin is one of the largest breeds of chicken. In addition to its unusual size and large eggs (which it lays even in the winter), the Cochin is remarkable for its plush and excessive plumage. Covered in thick, fluffy feathers from its beak down to its toes, Cochin chickens, along with the Brahma chicken, are attributed with causing a sensation in the 1850s, with all things chicken (referred to as “hen fever”). The American Poultry Association recognized them in 1874.

     The Cochin breed is currently listed on the Heritage Breeds poultry list as “recovering.” This means that the breed is not in danger of extinction.

     Cochins are a large fowl. They have a fluffy, thickly feathered look. The Cochin chicken is covered in a mass of feathers from its beak to its toes. Much like the feathers on the legs of a Clydesdale, Cochins have many fluffy feathers around their shanks and even cover their toes. This thick coat of feathers makes the Cochin look even bigger than it actually is.

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